September 3, 2011

H and G

"Hi and goodbye."  I love Sleepless in Seattle and Gabby Hoffman was just the perfect mix of cute and obnoxious.
Anywhoo...this week has been a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions (thanks PMS!) and while I got to say "Hi!" to some fun new treats, I had to say "Goodbye :(" to someone I love (even though I'd never say tell him that).

Yesterday my little brother left for a semester abroad for grad school.  He'll be there until the end of the year, and I won't be seeing him until he comes home which makes me supa sad.  I'm not going to sit here and tell you that my brother is my best friend because, honestly, he's a stubborn pain in the ass who I didn't really get along with until after he graduated from college.  And even more recently he discovered that my taste in movies, for which he constantly ridiculed me for, doesn't actually suck.  Yeah, "Sixteen Candles" is a pretty fan-effing-tastic movie.  We're not extremely close- we don't talk every day, or even every week- but he's my brother and we do laugh a lot when we're together (usually at the expense of our poor father).  I'm going to miss him.

On the bright side, my father has chosen to compensate for the lack of one child in the states by giving gifts!  Nothing crazy or extravagant, but very thoughtful.  Let's say "Hi!"  First he surprised me with a subscription to my 2nd favorite magazine (behind InStyle of course), New York. 
Then this past weekend he popped this little treat out while I was at work with him
Hello Nano! I told him how the screen on my iPod touch went kaput after some water damage, that I may have caused myself while sweating on it while I was out walking (I know, gross), so he got me this to replace it.  He also threw in this fun little contraption that knocked my socks off
It's the LunaTik wrist strap for the iPod Nano.  I set the "wake" screen to the clock face and now I have a snazzy new watch!  He's been using my birthday as his reason for the gifts, but he could've said they're early Hanukkah gifts for all I care and I'd still love them, and him :)  Thanks Pops!

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