October 13, 2011

Such a Tease

Here a teeny tiny sneak peek of my Halloween costume...
So much teal tulle!!!

October 11, 2011

M for T

I can finally do a post on my Missoni for Target purchases because 90% of my order has finally arrived.  The remaining 10% was either missing from the shipment it was supposed to be in or is still on backorder with the threat of cancellation looming overhead like a dark cloud.

I was up at 5:45am on Sept. 13th prepping my trigger finger to make sure everything I wanted made it into my shopping cart as soon as the Target.com site was open.
 Throw blanket & framed tiles
 Framed tiles close up...they screwed up my order and sent me 2 of the same so I had to make it work.
Again they screwed up my order and forgot to send 2 towels, but they sent me someone else's rainboots (unfortunately NOT in my size).  I gave the boots to my friend, but kept the bottom of the box to hold things on top of my bookcase.
 I thought this serving tray would be plastic but its a beautiful heavy ceramic.
 2 of the 4 frames I ordered...I'm keeping my fingers crossed the others arrive before the end of the year.
 Infinity scarf.
 My birthday cardi from Miss Liss :)

I also got 2 bath towels, a make-up train case in the B&W zig-zag print, and the "Colore" ruana which I wound up giving to my step-mom for her birthday.  She was THRILLED, and her Mahjong group was very jealous. 

October 10, 2011


Yes, I know I've been terrible at posting.  I'm going to blame work, but it's partially due to my extremely unappealing habit of procrastination.  There's tons to catch up on, but let's start with some birthday fun...

I like to drag my birthday out as long as possible.  In fact I just had my extended family birthday dinner last night!  But on my actual birthday day, Miss Liss and I took a road trip up to Tuxedo Park, NY to the Renaissance Faire.  My dad used to take me and my bro here every year when we were younger, but I haven't been back since high school.
1st order of business...FACE PAINTING!
Miss Liss found the armory booth...fear rang out amongst the shopowner and his patrons.

Last week I had the opportunity to go to my first MLS game at Red Bulls stadium.  There are few things in this world that will make me even consider going to Newark/Harrison at night.  The Red Bulls were playing the LA Galaxy which happens to be the home team of one Mr. DAVID BECKHAM!!!  I was in the same building as Becks.  A very happy birthday indeed.