June 29, 2011

I Diiiie!

I am slightly obsessed with Rachel Zoe.  Even before her show on Bravo, where the world got a glimpse into her insane life as a celebrity stylist, I was stalking her work on some of my favorite fashionistas (i.e. Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson).  I would even go so far as to credit her with the revival of boho chic...Nicole Richie anyone!  Not too shabby for a girl that grew up in suburban NJ...in the town right next to where I grew up I might add :)  P.S. Rachel Zoe Project is back on Bravo on Aug. 2nd.  LOVE!

Growing on her already successful QVC line (I own one of the faux fur vests), Ms. Zoe has launched her higher end (but still very reasonably priced) fashion line which goes on pre-sale this week on NeimanMarcus.com.  And my obsession continues!  So many cute dresses, jackets, shoes, and suits...oh the suits.  MAH-JOR!!!  Here are a few of my faves:

June 24, 2011

Creole Crazy

I'm just going to come right out and say it...I LOVE "SWAMP PEOPLE"!!!  If you're not familiar with this History Channel gem, it's about gator hunters in the Louisiana bayou.  Simple as that, and I'm obsessed.  The main reason for this ridiculous gushing...Troy Landry.

Besides the fact that Troy is THE MAN, he is also the father of my future ex-husband...Jacob
Sure Jacob is married and, according to Troy's Facebook Fan Page (don't judge), he and his wife just welcomed baby Ridge into the world.  BUT I LOVE HIM and I don't care who knows it!  Whewww got that out of my system.

June 22, 2011

Beachy Keen

Where does the time go???  I can't believe it's Wednesday already and I feel as though I've accomplished nothing!  Although I've checked off several items on my work to-do list, my personal to-do list is sadly untouched.  Specifically Numero Uno on the least- CLEAN OUT STORAGE SPACE!  So another month is about to pass and I will, once again, have to pay for my laziness in the form of storage unit fees.  I'd be fine if I could just figure out what to do with the 2 ginormous tv's sitting in there.  They weigh about 100 lbs each, and I'm clearly not able to lift them myself.

Anywhoooo...Last weekend Miss Liss, Midget Meg, and I drove up to good ole Fairfield Beach to Toots' beach house (fyi- Toots is Miss Liss' mom).  We were finally on the road around 8pm Friday night because it took me 2 HOURS to get home from work.  All of NJ was flooded from the severe thunderstorms that passed through the state all day.  Such a mess.  Saturday we spent most of the day on the beach sunning away and searching for sea glass.  By late afternoon we were all bored so we drove into town for a little shopping and dinner.

 Miss Liss made a new friend on Post Rd.

After dinner we headed over to my favorite beach bar "The Sea Grape"...or as Miss Liss and I call it, "The Sea RAPE".  We drank, we danced, we made nice with the bartender who gladly refilled our cocktails and sometimes forgot to charge us...thanks Debbie :)
I'm loving my new Free People tee I purchased at a local Fairfield boutique called Apricot Lane.  If you're ever in the area definitely pop into this adorable shop for a look-see.

Before heading home Sunday, the girls and I made a pilgrimage to Stew Leonard's.  For those of you not from the tri-state area, Stew Leonard's is a mix between Whole Foods and Disney World.  It's HUGE!  They have a full dairy farm on-site, a petting zoo, and animatronic singing & dancing food around every corner.  Meg shot this pic of me and Liss on our way back to the car
Meg's caption was that Liss and I were the 2 old Jewish ladies in the supermarket...and I have to agree.  What you can't see is that I'm holding an ice cream cone that I got for free for spending more money than I should have at this place.  Doesn't get more old biddy than that!

June 10, 2011

Birchbox #1

After seeing this Pretty In Pink Megan vlog about Birchbox (at about 5:45 into the video) I immediately signed up.  For those of you who haven't heard of Birchbox...like me...it's a monthly subscription of $10 and the company will send you a box of deluxe samples tailored to your beauty specs.  The site's blog "The Haute Box" also offers how-to videos...LOVE IT!  (p.s. I was not paid by anyone to provide this review) 

Well, imagine my DELIGHT when my first delivery arrived on Wednesday.

This month contained:

1) Archipelago pomegranate soap- this smells so good you'll want to eat it!

2) Kate Spade Twirl spray- not my kind of scent, but I know someone that will LOVE me for passing this along.

3) Deborah Lippman nail polish remover "mitts" (2)- these would be great for travelling since there's no spillage issue with these individually wrapped towelettes.

4) Sircuit Cosmeceuticals Molecular Mist- similar to the La Mer Hydrating Mist, this can be used before applying moisturizer, to set make-up, or a mid-day refresher.  I'll definitely keep this pocket sized spray in my make-up bag, but I like the feel and smell of the La Mer mist more.

5) Laura Geller Baked Blush n' Brighten- I was so excited that this was a full-sized "sample", a value of $29.50, of the highlighter/blush compact.  It's a rosy pink with gold which will look amazeballs when I'm tan to really set off my glow.

I can't wait for next month's box to arrive...is it July yet???

June 9, 2011

Saggy Butt

You may not know this, but there is a great debate amongst LV Speedy owners as to the sag factor of their bags.  Some people love this aspect and the character it gives the bag.  I, however, am on the opposition.  I'm extremely OCD about my purses, and the sag just throws me off balance.  One of these days I'll do a "What's in my bag" post and you can see how looney I am. 

Anyway, I found the solution to my problems few years ago.  I had just purchased the LV Monogram Mini Lin which is made of soft uncoated canvas fabric which made it extremely prone to "the sag."  I had been using a magazine to keep the bottom flat, but then I found Speedy shapers on eBay.  It changed my life!  Ok, maybe not my life but it definitely made my sag anxiety go far far away.

It pretty much does the same job as the magazine, but it's much sturdier and won't leave me with shredded magazine bits at the bottom of my bag.

June 8, 2011

Sick Day

I've been having a very difficult time at work lately.  I'm not enjoying any of my projects, and I'm generally not happy with my management situation.  When this has happened in the past, either with work or school, I just completely shut down and become unproductive.  I've been waiting for this phase to pass, as it always does, but this time it seems to be taking MUCH longer than usual.

So what's the best way to get my mind of things...SICK DAY!  Also known as the "mental health day".  I made myself a delightful breakfast, caught up on all my friend's Facebook posts and pics, and now I'm watching Star Trek for the millionth time (I already told you I'm a nerd).

You know what else makes me feel better..SHOPPING!  Last night Miss Liss and I hit the mall looking for dresses to wear to all the upcoming wedding events we have this summer.  I had a very successful outing (click links to redirect to online shopping):

Nordstrom- a light grayish-taupey jersey dress with beautiful stone detail.  I can't decide if I'm going to wear this to the wedding in the Poconos or the one at the beach...or both!

Neiman Marcus- This dress strays so far out of my comfort zone I actually got a little nauseous paying for it.  But it's so flattering on I had to take the plunge.  Not sure when I'll wear this yet, but I'm leaning towards the beach wedding with wedges and a bold turquoise necklace.

While we were at NM I stopped in at the Louis Vuitton boutique.  I think I was still high on the Theory dress purchase, so I impulsively bought this little baby for summer:
The Damier Azur Speedy 35.  I've been stalking her for a while, and I'm so thrilled to add her to the family :)

While I was debating over the leopard dress, Miss Liss ducked out to Pottery Barn Kids and got me an AMAZEBALLS housewarming present:
Darth Vader night light, seriously in love.

And finally a recap of some Home Goods purchases for the bathroom from my weekly Sunday visit:

Something to remind me every day to just-
And sticking with my beach theme-
The picture pretty much sums up my ideal bathroom scene, and the glass vase is filled with sand and shells I stole from Hot Pants Pallay's beach themed bridal shower Friday night...good times :) 

June 6, 2011


Hey kids!  I know it's been a while since I've posted, but things are a little hectic round here lately.  I promise to catch you up on everything soon.

In the meantime, head on over to the FABOOSH Shasta Anne who's hosting a crazy summer giveaway for June.