December 31, 2012

New Year, New Liz

Like so many of you, I'm terrible at keeping New Year's Resolutions.  In the hopes of realizing each of my resolutions in 2013, I started early!  Yes, I made Christmas Resolutions...

2013 by lizalishus featuring clinique

1) Look amazing at my brother's wedding: Little brother is getting married in May.  While the thought of my younger brother getting married before me is somewhat disheartening, and the fact that the other bridesmaids are all stick figures is confidence crushing, I will work my hardest to deter any pity of my pathetic single status by looking and feeling the best I ever have.

2) Save, save, save: I'm probably going to need a new car in 2013, which means less shoes more saving.  I've struggled with saving from the day I was born.  If I had a quarter in my pocket I was going to spend it.  I'm pretty sure this urge is genetic and passed down directly from my mother.  I'm pretty sure this is going to be the hardest resolution to keep.

3) Love the skin I'm in: I've never really taken care of my skin.  I was blessed with excellent genes which has carried me through for 35 years, but the truth of the matter is that I am 35 years old and my luck is bound to start running out.  After a recent bout with rosacea and sudden breakout on my chin I decided it was time to begin a regimen.

4) No pain, no gain: Supplemental to Resolution #1 I need to start exercising.  I know that diet alone will only get me so far in my weight loss goal, and that moving my ass is the key to success.  

5) Give you what you want: I'm going to be realistic here.  I've said in the past I'm going to try blogging at least 3 times a week.  Well, I've clearly failed at that goal.  In 2013 my plan is to blog once a week, or at least 4 times a month.

I think the overall theme for 2013 is DISCIPLINE.  It's going to be a complete lifestyle change for me, but if I can conquer each goal one step at a time and not expect to change right away I think I'll find success in 2013.

Wishing you and your families a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!  xoxo 


December 8, 2012

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Have you ever had one of those days that starts out all rainbows and cupcakes, then takes a hard left to shitsville and never looks back?  Yeah, that was my kind of day yesterday.  I stayed in the city on Thursday night and had to catch the ferry back to work in the morning.  I'm not exactly a fan of public transportation, mainly because I like to be the master of my own destiny, so I had some anxiety about the morning commute.  Well, I caught a cab no problem...made the early ferry with time to spare...ran into my best friend from high school in the terminal...and had an atypically productive morning at work.

And then the clouds rolled in, literally and figuratively.  My afternoon meetings erupted into "hostile negotiations" at started to rain which made my commute home extra painfully slow...and I'm pretty sure the chicken salad I had for lunch was tainted {and the worlds smallest violin plays just for me}

The future looked bleak my friends.  Very bleak indeed.  UNTIL I came home these delightful treats...

Oh joyous of joys my Target Neiman Marcus goodies are here!!!

(Please excuse my bitch face in these I said, it was a bad day)

 Marc Jacobs scarf: It's a lighter weight so it'll be great year round.  And I love the pop of sparkle on the border

Derek Lam slippers: I mean they're leopard print, do I need to say more???
Carolina Herrera travel bags: The prints are fun and bright, and they're lined so it'll be easy to clean any spills.  Also the middle size fits an iPad perfectly.
Marc Jacobs metallic pouch: This is GORG!!!  Rose gold is a lifelong obsession so this fits in perfectly.
Tory Burch lunch box: This inspires me to start bringing lunch to work instead of buying every day.  Well, almost.  I think I'm going to add a monogram right in the middle.
 Skaist Taylor faux fur vest: It's a little more Lady Gaga than I usually wear, but the quality is amazing and will look A-MAAAH-ZING with all black underneath.
Thom Browne blazer: I bought the men's version because the women's was too cropped for my body shape.  Well, this was the only doozy in the whole bunch.  I feel like I should be welcoming people onto the Love Boat. 

What did you snag from this collection?

NEXT TO ARRIVE: Old Navy Rock Star jeans in sooo many colors...for $19.99 why not indulge in the trend.

December 3, 2012

Given the Boot

I am perpetually on the hunt for riding boots, or any boots for that matter, that fit my calves.  99% of the time I buy boots that have some sort of elastic goring that will give just enough to fit.  Cole Haan does a great job with these types of boots, and on a recent trip to TJ Maxx I found a pair of Etienne Aigner Chastity wide calf boots that actually ZIPPED UP!!!  I almost cried in the middle of the store.

Well, now I'm on the hunt for brown riding boots.  I've searched high and low for the same EA Chastity boots in brown, or what they call "Banana Bread", but finding a size 10 is like looking for Big Foot.  But, I'm confident that I will find THE perfect boot soon.

Wide Calf Boots

Bandolino tall leather boots / Etienne Aigner leather shoes / Etienne Aigner boots / Cole Haan knee high leather boots / Michael Kors knee boots

December 1, 2012

I'm in Heaven

What were you doing at 6am?  Sleeping?  Pffft...I was SHOPPING!!!  A rare collaboration between 2 retail super powers, and my 2 most favorite stores in the world, Neiman Marcus & Target have collaborated with 24 of the world's most renowned designers to create an amazing array of apparel, accessories, and gifts.  The last time I woke up this early to shop was the Missoni-Target collection last year when Miss Liss and I coordinated an all night stake out and takeover of the website.

I managed to score everything that was on my want list from Derek Lam to Tory Burch.  I can't wait for it all to arrive...please hurry Mr. UPS Man!!!

NM + Target 2012