December 8, 2012

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Have you ever had one of those days that starts out all rainbows and cupcakes, then takes a hard left to shitsville and never looks back?  Yeah, that was my kind of day yesterday.  I stayed in the city on Thursday night and had to catch the ferry back to work in the morning.  I'm not exactly a fan of public transportation, mainly because I like to be the master of my own destiny, so I had some anxiety about the morning commute.  Well, I caught a cab no problem...made the early ferry with time to spare...ran into my best friend from high school in the terminal...and had an atypically productive morning at work.

And then the clouds rolled in, literally and figuratively.  My afternoon meetings erupted into "hostile negotiations" at started to rain which made my commute home extra painfully slow...and I'm pretty sure the chicken salad I had for lunch was tainted {and the worlds smallest violin plays just for me}

The future looked bleak my friends.  Very bleak indeed.  UNTIL I came home these delightful treats...

Oh joyous of joys my Target Neiman Marcus goodies are here!!!

(Please excuse my bitch face in these I said, it was a bad day)

 Marc Jacobs scarf: It's a lighter weight so it'll be great year round.  And I love the pop of sparkle on the border

Derek Lam slippers: I mean they're leopard print, do I need to say more???
Carolina Herrera travel bags: The prints are fun and bright, and they're lined so it'll be easy to clean any spills.  Also the middle size fits an iPad perfectly.
Marc Jacobs metallic pouch: This is GORG!!!  Rose gold is a lifelong obsession so this fits in perfectly.
Tory Burch lunch box: This inspires me to start bringing lunch to work instead of buying every day.  Well, almost.  I think I'm going to add a monogram right in the middle.
 Skaist Taylor faux fur vest: It's a little more Lady Gaga than I usually wear, but the quality is amazing and will look A-MAAAH-ZING with all black underneath.
Thom Browne blazer: I bought the men's version because the women's was too cropped for my body shape.  Well, this was the only doozy in the whole bunch.  I feel like I should be welcoming people onto the Love Boat. 

What did you snag from this collection?

NEXT TO ARRIVE: Old Navy Rock Star jeans in sooo many colors...for $19.99 why not indulge in the trend.

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