October 11, 2011

M for T

I can finally do a post on my Missoni for Target purchases because 90% of my order has finally arrived.  The remaining 10% was either missing from the shipment it was supposed to be in or is still on backorder with the threat of cancellation looming overhead like a dark cloud.

I was up at 5:45am on Sept. 13th prepping my trigger finger to make sure everything I wanted made it into my shopping cart as soon as the Target.com site was open.
 Throw blanket & framed tiles
 Framed tiles close up...they screwed up my order and sent me 2 of the same so I had to make it work.
Again they screwed up my order and forgot to send 2 towels, but they sent me someone else's rainboots (unfortunately NOT in my size).  I gave the boots to my friend, but kept the bottom of the box to hold things on top of my bookcase.
 I thought this serving tray would be plastic but its a beautiful heavy ceramic.
 2 of the 4 frames I ordered...I'm keeping my fingers crossed the others arrive before the end of the year.
 Infinity scarf.
 My birthday cardi from Miss Liss :)

I also got 2 bath towels, a make-up train case in the B&W zig-zag print, and the "Colore" ruana which I wound up giving to my step-mom for her birthday.  She was THRILLED, and her Mahjong group was very jealous. 

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