November 11, 2012

I'm Baaaack

I kind of lost my way in this blogging venture over the past year.  I can blame work and life, but it came down to laziness.  During my absence I've been reading tons of fashion blogs, and discovering the black hole that is Pinterest.  Well, these distractions have inspired me to get back on track with my blog.  I'm going through a period of change in my life, work and personal, and I couldn't think of a better time to pick up where I left off but with a new focus:

1. I've become disheartened by the countless blogs written by the thinner than average woman.  You know the type that can fit into anything and have unlimited resources from sponsors and friends in fashion.  I am not one of those women...I'm curvy (or "zaftig" as my Aunt Mitzie so kindly pointed out when I was 15) but more importantly I represent the large population of women that aren't a size 10 and below.  Finding clothes to fit my shape is difficult, and styling them to camouflage my trouble spots is even harder.  My hope for my future fashion posts is to serve as an inspiration for the "average" size woman that style isn't only reserved for size 2.

2.  It's taken 35 years, but I finally accept my body for what it is- plus size, chubby, the aforementioned zaftig.  However, I have put on some weight this year and I'm not comfortable in my clothes.  In an effort to get back in the comfort zone I've started on the Weight Watchers program again.  I'll be tracking my progress on here to keep myself honest.

I doubt I'll be posting every day, but my plan is to post at least 3 times a week as my schedule permits.  Wish me luck!

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