April 30, 2013

Hello??? Is anybody home???

So much for my new year's resolution of posting once a month.  If anyone is still out there I guess I can catch you up on some of the things that have been keeping me away...

January- I went to the Philippines for almost a month and had another life changing trip.  I got to see new places and cultures, and even had time for a side trip to Singapore.  This trip is a post in itself, but here are some highlights.

I got back mid-February and have been trying to catch up on work and life since! 

April- My brother and FSIL (future sister-in-law) moved to Chicago just after the new year, so my family decided it was time we went for a visit.  I've never been so I was thrilled that Chi-town lived up to everything I'd heard about it. 

And finally, April brought upon us FSIL's bachelorette party.  My body is still recovering.

In less than 1 month I'll be in Florida for my baby brother's wedding...stay tuned!

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