May 22, 2011

Sunday Shopping Spree

I had this huge goal of clearing out my storage unit today.  Somehow that plan flew straight out the window as soon as I woke up.  Instead I headed to the mall to stock up on some very UNnecessary beauty products and shoes. 

First stop was Sephora (click the links to go straight to the product on
I've read about this "magical" mask on several blogs, and I finally decided to take the plunge and try it for myself.  While I wouldn't use the word magical, I will say it is MIRACULOUS!  After just one use my skin is softer than it's ever been, and even without make-up looks vibrant and healthy.  Run, do not walk to Sephora and buy this ASAP!
Based on the rave reviews for the black mask I thought I would try another product from this line.  The sales girl at Sephora recommended this B.B. cream w/ SPF.  Apparently "BB" stands for blemish balm, and has been used by women in Asia for years to maintain their porcelain complexion.  Seeing as I'm half Asian I felt it was my duty to try it out.  I haven't used it on my face yet, but from what I saw on my hand it is very similar to a tinted moisturizer, but more hydrating than greasy.  After rubbing it on the back of my hand looked moisturized and luminous.  If it can do that to just my hand I can't wait to see what it does for my face.
I have been using Make Up Forever's HD Foundation for over a year now.  It provides medium coverage that's perfect for nights out, and can be layered to create a fuller coverage look for when you need it.  I don't know what they put in this stuff, but it makes my skin look absolutely flawless both in person and in pictures.
I am constantly looking for the perfect eyeliner.  I am extremely susceptible to the dreaded raccoon eye by the time 5 o'clock rolls around.  The sales lady suggested I try waterproof eyeliner, specifically the Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes Liner.  Just to give you an idea- I put this liner on my hand (top line) at 11:30am.  It's now 8:20pm and this is what it looks like after several hand washes and cleaning a sink full of dirty dishes...
Just below it I drew a line of Sephora Collection Kohl Waterproof Eyeliner
 As you can see it is lasting just as long as the Aqua Eyes.  I'll have to test them both out officially, and I'll let you know how they do.

As per usual I parked by Bloomingdale's, and on my way back out to my car I was wooed by the sale racks in the shoe department...CURSE YOU SALE RACKS!!!

Enzo Angilioni Mezzo- So freaking cute with the bow.  These will be great for summer work days, and will definitely be useful come wedding season.
 Stuart Weitzman Alex- I've been stalking these since I saw them on Jennifer Aniston last year in khaki.  Of course these weren't on sale, but I couldn't help myself once they were on my feet.  My favorite part...the toe area is already cushioned!  Super comfs!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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