May 17, 2011

Weekend Roundup

This was an interesting weekend to say the least.  You all know how I spent my Sunday- getting over a STOOOPID boy.  But the weekend wasn't a total bust...

Friday night Miss Liss and I stumbled upon a random carnival in the parking lot of the mall.  Best $20 I spent all week:
The last time I was on Gravitron was in 1993, and I'm pretty sure it ended in barf.  NEVER.AGAIN.
Being the good date I am, I won Lissy a new goldfish...I'm pretty sure he wound up as dinner for her other fish Jaws and Barnaby Jones.
Miss Liss won me a bulldog!
And for my triumphant win at the waterballoon race I chose the giant blue penguin and a bonus funnel cake :)

Saturday night was CV's engagement party.
I finally got to wear the Marks & Spencer top I bought in Manila...super cute with laser cut details on the sleeves...and my white jeans which I'm thrilled to say are waaay to big for me now.

Saturday morning Miss Liss and I hit up the mall, not to be confused with THE mall aka Short Hills Mall, to look for a last minute outfit for the engagement party.  I didn't find anything for the party, but I came out with these cuties from Bakers (who knew???)
Sure they make me 6 feet tall, but I don't care!

I also took the plunge at H&M on some of the things I've been stalking:

You can clearly tell I was shopping with Miss Liss from the nautical stripe-yness of my purchases.  Is it summer yet!?!?!

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  1. I mean... who DOESNT love a good nautical stripe?! its the closest I can fashionably and sensibly get to being a pirate.