August 7, 2011

Celebrity Crush of the Week

Saturday night Lindz and I went to see "Crazy, Stupid, Love."  I honestly didn't know what to expect from this movie since the previews were ambiguous on whether it was a comedy or drama.  Definitely 100% dramedy...but more comedy than dramz.  Every character was portrayed to a tee by the actor cast in the role, and none more perfectly than Mr. Ryan Gosling.  Don't get me wrong, RG has been on my radar since his days with the Mickey Mouse Club with Britney, Christina, JC, and Justin.  Isn't he adorable!
Obviously almost every woman in the world has seen "The Notebook", and fell in love with Noah instantly.  I saw it on a cross country flight to San Diego and the ENTIRE plane was bawling by the time we landed. 

Mr. Gosling has reached new levels of HAWTNESS in "Crazy, Stupid, Love."  Exhibit A:
And then the brotha took the shirt OFF...Exhibit B:
Anywho, I'm officially back in lust with Ryan Gosling.  My bro's girlfriend introduced me to a Tumblr site today called Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling which superimposes sayings that begin with "Hey girl,..." onto pics of RG.  They are hysterical.  Some of my recent faves:

Long story short, go see this movie.  Even if it's only to see Ryan Gosling shirtless doing the lift from Dirty Dancing...just sayin'.

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