February 28, 2012

Meatballs and Muscle

My baby, Black Spot, is in the shop to get it's bumper fixed after some moron ran into me at a stop sign...stupid a-hole, but I digress...  While my car is in the shop I have a rental, a Kia Sorrento.  It's not often I have access to an SUV so I made the most of it and ventured to IKEA.  There are few things I've been needing for my apartment but never had the carry space.

I'm usually pretty handy with an IKEA instruction manual, but this time I had a real time of it.  I got about here when I realized 2 of the main pieces were on backwards.
After 3 hours, a little bit of blood, and lots of muscle I finished my new vanity and bookcase.
Leksvik desk, Tobias chair, & Myken mirror  

Billy bookcase
I wish someone was around to record me trying to lug these boxes around by myself.  I don't recommend going to IKEA solo if you're looking for furniture.  A trip to IKEA isn't complete without some meatballs!  My faves.
I stopped for a snack in the cafe, and bought a bag to munch on at home with Lingonberry jelly. NOM!


  1. I was thinking of getting the leksvik table as a vanity table, how are you liking it so far. would you recommend it?

  2. I love it! It's small enough to fit the space in my bedroom, but has enough surface to hold everything. It was a pain to put together, but totally worth it in the end.