February 17, 2014

Bag of Tricks


I've never done one of these before, but I figured since I was switching purses now was as good a time as any...here's what's in my bag (minus the batch of receipts crumpled at the bottom):
Wallet (Hobo "Lauren"), checkbook, pen, headphones, lip balm (Vaseline, La Mer), mints, matches from my favorite bar, flashlight, brush, probiotics, saline nose spray (essential for dry winter months), hairspray, Starbucks drink sleeve, make-up bag (old Gap).
My make-up / "I wish I had" bag was an impulse purchase from the Gap (old) while standing at the register.  It's compact but holds way more than you could ever expect.  Below is what's in the "I wish I had" side alone...
White strips, proxy brushes, Ahava hand lotion, TUMS, eyeglass screwdriver, teeny tiniest tube of toothpaste, eye drops, blister block, floss, cortisone cream, mouthwash, baby wipes, eyeglass cleaning cloth, tampons, cold medicine, an assortment of hand wipes, Band-Aids, hair ties, deodorant towelette.

If you follow me on Instagram (@lizalishus) you will have seen my Valentine's Day present to myself.  This gorg Milly Blake satchel:
The super soft leather, minimalist classic design, and oversized zipper detail were what really caught my eye.  Up until the moment I laid eyes on this baby I was dead set on buy another bag, but this was love at first site.

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