April 25, 2011

Want It! Need It! Gotta Have It!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and delightful Easter for those that celebrate.  I had a delightfully lazy 3 day weekend consisting mostly of napping, eating, and watching movies.  I stuffed myself silly at my cousin's house yesterday, but it will be worth gaining a pound (or two) this week.  Mmmm, brownies :)

I've been cheating on fashion lately with home goods.  So much so that Saks called to make sure I was still alive!  Silly Saks, I'll be back soon!  However, my new fashion accessory obsession is a slamming laptop sleeve to go with my new baby.  My father gave me his Timbuk2 sleeve  which is definitely functional, but by no means fashionable.  In my search I've come across a few cute ones:



But I then I found the end all be all of laptop cases…LOUIS VUITTON


For a mere $780 (ouch!) this little beauty can be mine.  I better start saving now because I will NOT be satisfied with anything else.

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