December 26, 2011

The Morning After

I hope you all had a delightful Christmas with your families.  I spent Christmas Eve with my family out on the "farm."  We call my cousin's house the farm because she lives, literally, in the middle of nowhere in northwest NJ.  You know you're heading into farmville when you see tractor crossing signs and there are so many stars in the sky it looks like you're standing in a planetarium. 

Because our family is so large (my mom has 3 sisters and a brother, and everyone is your cousin or aunt or uncle when you're Filipino) we decided to do a secret Santa for everyone over 21.  Of course my aunts and uncle felt the need to break the rules and give all the neices & nephews gifts as me, I'm not complaining.  My secret Santa was a family friend of ours and she made me the cutest gift basket of goodies.
Christmas morning I met my family for brunch at our favorite deli in my hometown, and we exchanged Hanukkah presents.  My loving brother gave me nothing, as per usual.  I got him this ice's Han Solo frozen in carbonite from Empire Strikes Back, for those not familiar with Star Wars.
My dad and stepmother got me a generous gift card to Lord & Taylor and this AMAZEBALLS decorative plate from C Wonder.
My father is the most impossible man to shop for, so I got him & my stepmom a gift certifcate to their favorite restaurant.

I stopped at Lindz's grandparents house for Christmas cocktails & hors d'oeuvres after brunch, and finally back home for some rest and reading (I HAVE to finish Girl with the Dragon Tattoo before Tuesday when I'm supposed to go see the movie).  All in all it was a great Chrismukkah 2011.

How did your holidays go?

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