February 19, 2011

Game Time

Have you ever seen the game show "Minute to Win It"?  Teams are given almost impossible tasks to complete in an attempt to win $1,000,000.  For example, a player has exactly 60 seconds to use the back of a large metal spoon to keep 3 marbles from sliding off a tilted table or bounce a quarter off a table and land it in the opening of one of those Poland Spring water jugs.  I've only watched 2 episodes and had to stop because it gave me serious ANXIETY.

Of course my brilliant friends decide that this will make for a great party idea...I started taking Xanax the second I got the invite.  My friend JC and I are TEAM BLACKNESS.  Don't we look tough!
And presenting the participants

The games included:

1) Ding Dong Unicorn

2) Cotton Ball Drop

3) Shoot Out
 4) Pop Off
And the winner is...
 Team Blackness ninja-ed our way to the top of the scoreboard

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