February 24, 2011

Weekly Weigh In

Today has not been my day.  First I get stuck in traffic because 3 buses crashed into a motorcycle in the tunnel, and obviously I had a 9am meeting.  Then, and this is worse than the traffic, I spilled my coffee on my way out of cafeteria.  And to add insult to injury I had my Weight Watchers weigh in today and I GAINED 0.2 lbs :(  Considering what I'd eaten over the past week I should consider myself lucky that it wasn't 10!  

Saturday night I was out for my friend birthday party near Rutgers and we stopped at the grease trucks and got a late night Fat Koko- steakum, mozz, marinara sauce, mozz sticks, and french fries all in one sandwich- and it was disgusting but soooo DELISH!!!  Tuesday night I went out for happy hour and wound up snacking on fried calamari and coconut shrimp, not to mention the 5 cocktails I consumed.  And last night I had a pity party featuring a CHIPOTLE burrito bowl.  Based on this menu of treats 0.2 lbs is a blessing.

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