February 25, 2011

Head Above Water

Let me start by saying that I HATE drinking water.  I hate that there are no bubbles, and I particulary can't stand the taste (or severe lack thereof).  However, as part of my dieting quest I have to drink lots and lots of the dang stuff.  I've tried using the Crystal Light packets, but they make me thirsty (how weird???).  So I've resigned myself to water with a splash of lemon juice which seems to be the answer to my water woes. 
Another thing that has been making it easier to swallow (all puns intended) are the outstanding array of vessels from which I can sip.  

Currently I am using this Rubbermaid bottle which I bought on sale at CVS (3 for $1.99)

This is my favorite tumbler I bought on my last trip to Savannah.  Obviously Paula Deen will be strictly off limits next time I'm down there if I have any hope of staying on my diet. (Please excuse my Post-It pile creeping in the background)

I love, love, love my Tervis Tumbler.  It comes in hundreds of cute designs, and the double layer prevents "sweat" on the outside which is always gross.
 But I think I'm going to order a monogrammed one next in a smaller size

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