July 12, 2011


Yesterday morning at 7:55am Los Angeles time my fashion hero (Victoria Beckham in case you didn't know) gave birth to her long awaited baby girl-  Harper Seven Beckham!  I love the ode to Daddy David's England & ManU number as her middle name.  Thank GOD they didn't go the weirdo celebrity route and make it her first name.  Although Brooklyn, Romeo & Cruz are hardly traditional they are tame by Hollywood standards: Pilot Inspektor, Apple, Sailor, Jermajesty!

This pic of VB posted by DB on his FB wall (see what I did there!) pretty much sums up, yet again, why Victoria Beckham will always be my #1
I mean SERIOUSLY!?!  So freaking chic and less than a week before her baby was born.

In related news, I will be present when David and the LA Galaxy come to NJ to play the Red Bulls in August!!!!!!!  I've already prepped Miss Liss to call my dad to bail me out of jail after I get arrested for rushing the field and attacking DB.  I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!


  1. Miss Liss is armed and ready to make the emergency contact when the need strikes... you never know... maybe you'll rush the field, lock eye contact, and he'll fall madly for you... thus negating any preparations to begin with!

  2. Okay, the name may be a little ... interesting - but I'm digging it! And yes, she looks so perfect in that pic - makes pregnancy look so effortless!

  3. If only I can look this good pregnant with my first child, let alone a 4th! LOVE HER!