July 26, 2011


I can't believe it's the end of July already!  Wedding season is about to kick in full speed ahead, and that means saying goodbye to my hard earned money.  I have Hot Pants Pallay's bachelorette party on Aug 12th and her wedding down the shore the following Friday...2 party weekend + 2 hotel stays at the beach during the summer = $$$$.

This anticipated outflow of funds has prompted me to make an executive decision- I will NOT be shopping (food & cocktails excluded) until September 1st, and maybe even past that.  It will be painful, and I'm expecting severe withdrawal symptoms.  Luckily, and unbeknownst to me, Miss Liss made a similar pact this weekend which means that we will be able to support each other during this trying time.  We'll see how this goes since Miss Liss and I are each other's worst influences when it comes to shopping.

Since I made the decision to quit cold turkey yesterday morning I didn't really get in a good last shopping fix.  So I'll have to rely on last week's purchases to ease the urges:

1) a snazzy new wallet to hold all my unspent dinero
2) Reefs to replace my 10 year old pair that died this past weekend :(
3) white jeans (NOTE: these jeans are a size that I haven't been since the 8th grade...thank you WW!)
4) beach friendly clutch
5) tie-dyed top similar to this one, but the base color is black (this miiiight get returned)
6) leopard print tunic sweater...obviously I can't wait for fall to get here!

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