July 5, 2011

May The 4th Be With You

A very happy (and belated) July 4th to everyone.  This weekend was busy, busy, busy but also FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

Saturday was the wedding of Kitty's sister, Little Quinn.  Little Quinn is 9 years younger than us and used to torture us when we were in middle school and high school as little sisters are want to do.  That's why it was so much harder to cope with the fact that we were all at her wedding.  What should have been a 40 minute drive turned into 2 hours thanks to holiday traffic headed to the Poconos...grrrr road rage was on full tilt.

The BIGGEST cross I've ever seen

I have no idea who this woman was but she was having a full on picnic in the church, crunching on chips during the ceremony.
The bridal party...bride is a HUGE fan of pink

This adorable photo of me and Dr. Chuck (my friend's fiance) is actually taken to showcase the amazing mullet standing behind us to the left.
Sunday Jimmy came over and did some picture / mirror hanging.  I also put up my new monogram detail I ordered from Etsy...I'm in love!

This last picture is actually a satellite view of New York and New Jersey...closer up
And finally, my living room area is complete...except for the tv and a few extra decor items.
I'm so thrilled I bought the 2nd chair from Target, and the crown throw pillows were a great Home Goods find!

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