March 16, 2011


When I was in college I knew this girl that shortened EVERY word.  For example: library -> ary, fabulous -> boo (not the obvious "fab"), video -> get the picture.  On occasion she was known to shorten entire phrases.  Case in point: starvin' like marvin -> marv.  As in "I'm so marv! Let's go to the caf after the ary."  For who knows what reason "marv" really stuck to me, and I still use it today.

Today was a crazy busy day, which seems to be the usual lately.  I had coffee for breakfast AND lunch today because my huge presentation to the global head of my group was at 2pm and I was just too nervous to eat anything for fear of pooping my pants!  After work I hit up Home Goods to pick up stuff for my new bathroom, then headed to finalize my parking permit, stopped in to see Lindz for a few, and didn't get home until 8:45pm.  Marv doesn't even begin to describe the hunger pains I was feeling at this point.  I just housed a low-fat bean burrito and 1/2 a jar of applesauce...I'm still hungry :(

Now I'm relaxing watching American Idol on DVR, which means I can skip through ALL of Randy's ridiculous comments.  10pm...time for a snack!

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